The Democrats’ Problem

The Republicans have their problems, but at least they are not burdened by anything so troublesome as Obamacare.
A brief accounting of the Republicans’ difficulties would include the ongoing hostility of much of the news and entertainment media and an educational establishment that has indoctrinated a significant portion with the basic assumptions of liberalism, as well the unfavorable demographic and cultural trends that deliver ever more newcomers from socialistic cultures and unmarried women with the same redistributive tendencies, and of course the debilitating internecine struggles between the principled and pragmatic portions of the party, but all that seems a mere annoyance compared to the ongoing train wreck that is Obamacare. Never in the history of American politics has such a disastrous policy been so completely a creation of one party as Obamacare is the Democrats, and it might prove enough eradicate all of the Republicans’ woes.
Obamacare is going so badly that even the most locally Democratic media have been forced to acknowledge it, with such reliable news outlets as CBS and NBC and The New York Times being frank about the millions of Americans who have suddenly found themselves uncovered by the new law and such essential satirists as Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live tossing in the sort of ridicule they usually reserve for the likes of Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz. Academia is finding itself hit especially hard by the new law, and its healthy young students who are expected to subsidize the whole boondoggle are suddenly more resistant to being indoctrinated with the basic assumptions of liberalism. The Spanish-language Obamacare website looks likely to be down for a while, and the rate of married or un-married female participation in the workforce is the lowest in decades due in part to Obamacare’s expensive and onerous regulations on employers, and even the segments of the electorate must susceptible to the Democrats’ pitch that they can be trusted to run things will skeptical. The kamikaze tactics of the Tea Party Republicans who temporarily shutdown part o the government in an attempt to de-fund Obamacare will be able to remind the public of their opposition, and even the squishy RINOs who opposed the effort can not be held responsible for the law’s consequences because their predictions of failure all proved correct.
The opinion-makers and the politics don’t really matter, though, because the ill effects of Obamacare are going to be apparent on a painfully personal level to too many Americans. The millions of Americans who will lose their satisfactory insurance plans to Obamacare will know which party to blame, and even the most partisan media will not risk their credibility by trying to tell them otherwise. The many more millions of Americans who will be paying higher premiums for the coverage they’re lucky enough to keep will also know which party is responsible, and at least a few should be open to the other party’s arguments. An even larger number of Americans relegated to part-time employment because of Obamacare might not realize the connection, and too many of them will be grateful for the health care subsidies they’re offered, but more than a few will also be listening to Republican arguments with a newly opened mind.
There’s always the chance that the Democrats can successfully spin their way out of an untenable situation and the Republicans will squander a golden opportunity, but the Democrats will have to concoct something better than a laughable denial and the Republicans will have to do some rather bitter infighting.

— Bud Norman