Worse Than Judas

To hear President Donald Trump and his media allies tell, presumptive Democratic nominee is an extraordinarily evil. More evil than any man ever, probably.
According to Trump and his on-air friends Biden wants to “abolish” the suburbs, ban windows, plagiarizing his trademarked slogan of “buy American,” allowing vicious mobs to rampage freely in the streets, and capitulate to the Chinese government on anything it asks for. Oh, and he also wants to “hurt God.”
We don’t worry much about Biden “hurting God.” Our God is very powerful, indeed all-powerful, and we trust he continue unimpaired through eternity.
As for the rest of it, it seems typical Trump hyperbole. Biden does support the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which if fully followed would have the effect of introducing some black and brown faces into previously lily-white neighborhoods, but they’ll have to be as affluent as their neighbors and probably won’t lead to gang warfare on the streets. Banning windows seems an ambitious plan for even the most energetic leftist, especially one Trump has nicknamed “Sleepy Joe.” Trump has also accused Biden of having authoritarian tendencies, and we’ve noticed th atuthoritarians of both the right and left have little patience for mass protests.
The latest salvo will more likely backfire on Trump. Many Americans have already grown weary of Trump’s hyperbolic style of politics, and anyone who is still undecided will likely conclude that Trump is overselling both Bien’s flaws an his own virtues.

— Bud Norman