All This, and Summer’s Just Getting Started

More than 103,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, some 40 million more are unemployed, and riots are raging on the streets of cities across the country. If President Donald Trump doesn’t win reelection, it probably won’t be because Americans got tired of so much winning.
With so many calamities converging on the country, Trump is angrily lashing out at his critics and seeking to cast blame rather than offering solutions. He’s hoping the country can get back to normal without an increase in coronavirus infections, and that the economy will immediately rebound, but has indicated what he’ll do if that doesn’t happen. After surprising many by saying respectful and responsible that about the death of a Minneapolis black man while in police custody, he’s reverted to his habit of making threats in response to the ensuing riots. He still finds time for “tweeting” taunts at his critics, including baseless accusations of murder against a cable news host, and for threatening legal action against Twitter itself.
None of which seems likely to work. The coronavirus is immune to threats, and hope is not a cure. Threats won’t help the economy, either, and will surely require a government response that will needed to be negated with politicians Trump routinely insults in personal terms. Rioters need to know that the law will be enforced, but Trump’s belligerent threats of shooting looters on sight and unleashing “vicious dogs and awesome” are more likely to the exacerbate the outrage that is fueling the unrest. Given all that’s going on, Trump is even unlikely to distract anyone’s attention with a Twitter feud.
Angrily lashing out at critics and casting blame elsewhere is what Trump does, though, and at this point it would be hard for him to be a calm and unifying kind of president. We’ll see how how that plays out in November.

— Bud Norman

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