Pride Goeth Before Destruction

President Donald Trump spent several hours on Wednesday in teleconferences with company executives, labor leaders and the heads of various industry groups about reopening the huge sector of the economy that has been shut down due to the coronavirus. They reportedly had very flattering things to say about Trump’s leadership, but we doubt their sincerity.
Trump will be doling out a couple trillion dollars of stimulus money, and anyone shrewd enough to run a large corporation has surely noticed that he prefers to lavish money on those who lavish praise on him. Several of the people Trump spoke with urged that more testing be done, and warned that Trump’s hope to reopen the economy on May Day might be overly optimistic, but we’re sure they worded these suggestions carefully so as not to imply any criticism.
Which is a shame. Trump needs to hear blunt talk, and to carefully consider what his critics have to say. He needs to allocate money and resources according to the nation’s needs, and not according to how it benefits his political standing. For once in his life, he needs to overcome his eggshell ego and follow the advice of more knowledgable people.
He also needs to take responsibility for mistakes that have been and then try to correct them, rather than trying to pin the blame elsewhere. On Wednesday Trump announced he would withdraw America’s funding of the World Health Organization, a spiteful move and a mistake. The WHO did make the mistake of trusting the Chinese dictatorship about the severity of the coronavirus spread in that country, as did Trump, and was slow to acknowledge its global spread, as was Trump, but it has provided testing and other vital resources to countries all over the world, and the only reason to defund it during a pandemic is to deflect blame.

As we write this 30,826 Americans have died in this plague, with about 5000 dying in the past two days, and America has more fatalities than any other nation. Any damage done to Trump’s ego and popularity pales in comparison.

— Bud Norman

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