Hope Springs on Wall Street, if Not South Seneca

This will be only a brief missive, as we’re writing it at the Lost Sock Laundromat on unfashionable South Seneca Street, and only have the time it takes to do one load o dirty clothes. It’s not much to look at, but the laundry comes out clean and dry and they generously offer free wi-fi. Our washer and dryer were knocked out some months ago by a sewer backup, and on Monday we found that our internet provider was overwhelmed by the traffic and the telephone message was saying “We are having hard problems,” so here we are in the wee hours of the morning.
We’re doing our civic minded best to stay at home, but we still need groceries and clean clothes, and figure that we’re not risking our health or anyone else’s any more than necessary writing in a mostly abandoned south side laundromat. There was one seedy-looking fellow who turned out to be quite friendly from a social distance, but he’s gone and it’s just me and the tattooed guy who works here, who was kind enough to turn on the wi-fi.
We had planned to write about Monday’s big rally on the stock markets, apparently fueled by expectations that the worst of the pandemic will be over sooner rather than later and things will get back to normal. The Washington Post’s headline was “Wall Street stages explosive rally, powering Dow 1,600 points as investors seize on morsels of good news.” We sure hope the optimism is justified, but have noticed that these recent rallies have been followed by sharp downturns, and worry that it might be what Alan Greenspan once called “irrational exuberance.”
The rate of the increase in infections has apparently slowed, but they’re still increasing, and the death toll is still expected to be high. We’re also seeing a cloud in every silver living about the economic, and can’t help but notice that the extraordinary number o people working home and watching Netflix and porn has overpowered a major American corporation, to the extent they explaining to frustrated customers that “We’re having hard problems.”
At the least the Lost Sock Laundromat here on South Seneca is still on the job.

— Bud Norman</p

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