Trump Takes on New York

President Donald Trump was born and reared in New York City, and has always associated himself with its glitz and glamour during his rise to fame, but he’s never been popular in his home state and no longer has any affection for it. He’s recently declared himself a citizen of income tax-free Florida, and has lately been playing hardball with all the citizens of New York.
The Trump administration had decreed that no one in New York is eligible for the federal government’s “Global Entry” and other “trusted traveler” programs that allow for faster border crossings and shorter airport lines. A few hours before meeting with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the matter Trump “tweeted” that it was for national security reasons, then added that “New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harassment, start cleaning itself up, and lower taxes.”
The newfangled sorts of conservatives who are Trump fans in the other 49 states will probably be pleased that at least he fights, and there are probably even a few them in New York who rarely travel and appreciate the president’s effort to drain the state swamp and lower their taxes, but from our perspective on the political sidelines here in the middle of the country it looks just awful. As proud prairie people we take a backseat to no one in our resentment of the pointy-headed know-it-all types Back East, but we can’t imagine that everyone in New York poses a threat to the national security, and as old-fashioned states rights federalist conservatives we don’t like even a Republican president telling any sovereign state of the union how to run its business. That “twitter” line about “unnecessary law suit & harassment” is scarier yet.
New York’s justice system has already shut down the Trump Family Foundation and heavily fined it for such violations as ripping off a children’s cancer charity and contributing to the campaign of a Florida State Attorney General who then declined to join other states in prosecuting the clearly fraudulent Trump University, which has since shut down, and it’s currently pursuing access to Trump’s tax records and conducting investigations into Trump’s still wholly owned businesses. There’s reason to believe that might have more to do with Trump policy than the high state taxes Trump routinely avoids or the quid pro quo way of doing things he has boastfully exploited or everyone in the great state’s threat to the national security. So far we can tell he seems to be either using or abusing his presidential power — depending on your perspective — to obstruct a sovereign state’s lawful pursuit of justice.
At this point there’s not much to be done about it. All but one of the Senate Republicans have already agreed that Trump didn’t abuse his presidential powers by withholding congressionally approved aid from an an ally to extort its help in his reelection campaign, and all of them overlooked Trump’s out-in-the open efforts to obstruct Congress’ pursuit of justice, and most of them won’t mind the president strong-arming the very Democratic state of New York, which is going to vote Democratic in the next presidential election in any case, to get out of a jam. For now Trump can do as he pleases without regard for legal or constitutional or traditional norms, as is his wont.
For now that’s fine by Trump fans, but mostly they’ll return to their old-fashioned states rights federalist conservatism if an inevitable Democratic president tries the same sort of thing with one of those many red states they live in. They’ll be right to be outraged, but they’ll be hypocrites.

— Bud Norman

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