On the Day Before the New Hampshire Primary

There’s a lot of politics going on right now, what with all the damned Democrats stumbling their way through a nominating process to choose who to run against what they all agree is that awful President Donald Trump, and Trump preemptively campaigning in the primary states that all of those Democrats are bunch of America-hating commies who would be the ruination of America. Both sides have plausible arguments, from our forlorn perspective on the political sidelines, but for now, like most of America, but for now we’re more preoccupied by private matters.
We’re very selfish about our privacy, and won’t divulge much more than that it involves anything more the a long-delayed but routine medical check-up, which probably won’t amount to much, but it does at least make us happily less interested in the days’s news. So far as we can tell both of America’s major political parties have gone full-blown crazy, which we like to think we haven’t yet done, and we’re still hopeful for the probably desultory best. In the end, we figure we’ll eventually be faring at least as as well off as the rest of the body politic.
Today’s New Hampshire primary will give some indication of how crazy-left the damned Democrats are going to go, and Trump’s “tweets” about it will reveal how crazy-right the Republican party has become, and we’ll do our best to objectively and desultory assess the cumulative damage done by both sides in tomorrow’s post.
In the meantime, we’ll be hoping for the best. For ourselves, and all the rest of you.

— Bud Norman

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