End-of-the-Year Procrastination

All three branches of the government of are still on holiday vacation, the private sector is also taking a break, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un didn’t deliver any unpleasant Christmas surprises. For the moment there’s no reason in the news to interrupt the holiday cheer, which might well last until next year, but sooner or later you’ll find the news of the world unavoidable.
When we all get back to it President Donald Trump will still be impeached, with all the headache-inducing arguments that will entail, the stock markets will go up and down, and the situation on the Korean peninsula will remain very scary. The national debt will continue to accumulate, the climate will continue to change, and trade wars will be ongoing and the resulting agreements underwhelming. There will be celebrity scandals and much-ballyhooed product launches by big corporations, and stories about the many good and bad things happening in the world that deserve more serious attention.
For the past several holiday days we’ve been carefully avoiding any discussion of any of it at our family gatherings. This has mostly worked out well, as we have lots of happy memories and fond wishes to share, and that seems most apt for this cold and dark time of year. We’ll put off the news for another week if not another year, and send our best wishes for a Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this.

— Bud Norman

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