Meanwhile, in the Middle East

There seems to be more trouble brewing in the always troubling Middle East, which is more than we need right now. There have been two devastating attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields over the weekend, and although Iran claims to have had nothing to do with it they are clearly the culprits.
Which makes for a complicated situation in America’s already complex relationship with the Middle East. If Shiite Iran wants to wage war with Sunni Arabia, and thus somehow settle the eschatological dispute that’s existed since the death of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be to his name, America and the rest of the world are are surely in for hard times. President Donald Trump likes to brag about America’s energy independence, which was achieved before he took office despite the best efforts of President Barack Obama, but a Sunni versus Shiite war in the Middle East will nonetheless affect both the domestic and global economies. Not to mention the loss of human life.
For now America is siding with the Saudis, as it has done since the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt, which still seems for the best. The Saudis are a medievaL culuture that funds all sorts of terrorism and oppresses women and Christians and Jews and homosexuals and various other groups, but they’re arguably better than the Iranians. The Iranians never repented from their taking of Amerian hostages and chants of “Death to America,” and ever since Trump pulled out of the suspect deal to stop them from pursuing a nuclear weapon they’ve been pursuing a nuclear weapon.

— Bud Norman

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