Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is no no day for doing labor, so we decided to re-post last year’s brief and rather lazy post.
Today is Labor Day, which is our most bittersweet holiday of the year. We like the idea of everyone taking a day off to honor all the hard work folks are doing the of the year, and relish the bratwurst and beer and baseball the day always brings, but it’s always followed by a Tuesday when the summer is over.
There will probably be a few more hot and sunny and top-down driving days here on the Kansas plains, but we’re already noticing that the days grow short when you reach September, even here on the western edges of the vast central time zone, and Labor Day always signals that the blissfully lazy and hazy days of summer are officially over. School is back in session, those crawling school speed zone limits are back in effect, pretty much everyone on the streets is back at some unpleasant chore, the nation turns its attention from the elegant sport of baseball to the more primal combat of football, and an even more brutal political season begins.
Our advice is to put all that off until tomorrow. Better you should charbroil a plump bratwurst and put it in a toasted bun with some roasted jalapeño slices and smother it in plenty of mustard, drink a beer or two or three, and enjoy what a great country all that labor has brought forth. There will be time enough for the rest of it starting on damned Tuesday.

— Bud Norman

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