South of the Border, Down Mexico Way

About the best that can be said for the mess on the American-Mexican border town of Tijuana is that so far no one has died, but we are thankful for that. Given how complicated the causes, and the error-prone human nature found on both sides of the border, it could have been worse.
As you surely know by now, no matter where you get your news, a few thousand refugees from impoverished and gang-war-ridden countries in Central America have been walking through Mexico the past several weeks, and they’ve recently arrived in Tijuana. To hear the left-of-center media tell it they’re mostly mothers and children yearning for a chance to work at a tax-pahing minimum wage toward the American dream, and to hear the right-of-center media tell it they’re mostly bad hombres invading our country to rape your wives and daughters.
Given our long experience of human nature, we’ve been inclined to believe that any few thousand homo sapiens you might find anywhere will probably include both the best and worst and humankind, and we’ve followed the news with that in mind. By Monday, though, some of the undeniably bad hombres among the refugees were throwing rocks at both Mexican and and American law enforcement officers, and even the left-of-center media have conceded that started the ensuing tear gas and unpleasantness.
Most of the left-of-center media outlets accurately noted that the use of tear gas is banned by international laws of war, but they also had to admit that it’s routinely used to quell domestic riots in most countries around the world, and that even American law enforcement officers adorned in the most up-to-date shields and helmets can’t be expected to let a bunch of rock-throwing bad hombres invade their country.The left-of-center news media had some compelling and not at all fake news photos of loving mothers dragging their entirely innocent daughters away from the tear gas, but they couldn’t convincingly argue that human nature and some bad hombres on the southern side of the border were mostly to blame.
President Donald Trump has instructed his federal employees to treat a rock thrown at them the same as a rifle shot fired at them, and issued an executive order allowing them to use deadly force against such provocations, so we’re glad it hasn’t yet come to that. As bad as some of these hombres have proved to be, we’d like to think that America can still keep them out of the country while giving a fair hearing under American and international law to the asylum claims of some of those hard-working mothers and their undeniably innocent children. Those on the left-of-center seem want to let them all in, however, while those on the right-of-center seem eager to shoot first and ask questions later, and once again we’re left hoping the center will hold.

— Bud Norman

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