Happy Independence Day

There was a lot of intriguing news on the Third of July, as the government always likes to make embarrassing admissions on the eve of holidays when no one will be paying attention, but even such news junkies as ourselves gave it little notice. Instead we dealt with some long-overdue lawn care issues, and had a heated but very civil argument with a dear old friend who lives well south of town about President Donald Trump.
On the delightfully top-down drive back into town past the recently harvested wheat fields and ripening cornfields we saw fireworks lighting up the starry Kansas sky, and by the time we arrived at our humble and recently better-looking abode in the fashionable Riverside neighborhood we were feeling good about America. Even our reluctantly Trump apologist friend had acknowledged that America has never stopped being great.
So we urge you all to take a day off from today’s desultory news, and instead celebrate this Fourth of July with beer and barbecued bratwurst and Chinese-made fireworks and dear old friends, and leave the more harder patriotic chores until the Fifth of July.

— Bud Norman

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