Avoiding the Virus in the Age of Trump

Airline travel was already bad enough, so we hope that the recent political turbulence won’t make it even worse. There’s a video that’s gone “viral” showing a woman haranguing a fellow passenger who admitted his support for President Donald Trump, to such to an extent that the she was deemed a threat to the safety of the flight and escorted by law enforcement off the plane, and even The Washington Post’s reporting seems to admit she had it coming.
Such acrimony is quite common these days, and we expect it will continue for some time to come. Finding ourselves on the political sidelines these days we’ll admit that the star of the next viral might be some equally obnoxious Trump supporter haranguing some equally mild dissenter to such an extent they’re also deemed a threat to public safety, and we can easily imagine ourselves inadvertently provoking such an outburst from either side. We quite liked Trump’s executive actions on those controversial oil pipelines, were slapping our foreheads over his obvious unnecessary lies about his inaugural crowds, and take care not bring either matter up with some of the people we run into. If we were so unfortunate as to find ourselves confined to an airliner with some passing stranger, we’d surely confine ourselves to such uncontroversial topics as the weather and how awful airline travel is these days.
There is a lot that needs to be talked about these days, but we hope it will be discussed in a Christian “come let us reason together” manner, and go through all those committees and sub-commitees in a deliberative matter, and be reported on objectively to an objective public that carefully considers all the arguments being made. That’s a lot to ask, as always, so we’ll settle for placid fights and friendly family reunions and pleasant conversations at the local tavern.

— Bud Norman>

One response

  1. Bud is apparently unaware that his diatribe about “Christian” manners is macro-aggression against the unchurched who feel strongly about the flying spaghetti monster whose followers wish to destroy Gaia with filthy pipelines that will destroy the world.

    Or at least that’s what I heard.

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