Happy New Year, and the Extra Day

So far, at least, 2017 is off to a promising start. The very last of the past annus horribilis was mostly spent in the company of some dear old friends at a fabulous Tahitian-style bar improbably located in our dearest and oldest friend’s old barn well south of town, but we were home well enough in advance of the drunk drivers and police patrols and in time to hoist a still-sober and solitary beer for the New Year.
Although somewhat groggy we were among the relatively few in the pews at Sunday morning’s worship at our humble church on the near west side, and after that we somehow made our way across Kellogg and up the Canal Route and over the northeast-side by-pass and on to our beloved folks’ swank old folks home, where we had a nice meal and some good conversation. A nice nap soon followed, followed by tape-delayed but convincing Wichita State University Wheatshockers’ win over the Bradley University Braves on the internet, and nothing on the internet seemed all the disturbing, and because the first day of the New Year falls on the first day of the week the federal government and America’s business arrangements seem to have allowed us another days’s procrastination from some bothersome chores of another year.
That faulty kitchen sink won’t wait another day, nor the long-delayed kitchen clean-up we’ve been procrastinating until that chore has been completed, or any of the other household repairs that need tending, and there’s no putting off all the rest of what surely comes Tuesday. All the rest of the world’s news will surely come back through the internet then, too, and we’re no more hopeful about any of that. One of the dear old friends we spent much of New Year’s Eve with is a fellow Republican and quite hopeful about the coming year, as he’s convinced president-elect Donald Trump will soon make America great again, and our beloved parents who have been through a Depression and a World War and a Cold War and more recessions and relocations than they can count are somewhat more cautiously hopeful, but we all happily agreed not to talk about any of that.
Until all that comes to some sort of conclusion we will wish each and everyone of you, and all your dear friends and beloved family, a very happy and extended-by-one day New Year.

— Bud Norman

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