Merry Christmas, and All the Rest

If anyone is still waging a war against Christmas, they seem to be losing. Pretty much everywhere we go these days we find some sort of Christmas or another, and at this point we expect that children will awaken Sunday morning to gifts under a Christmas tree and that Christians will give thanks for Christ’s birth in their churches and that the celebration will of that wonderful day forever persist.
President Barack Obama once again marked with the occasion with an all-inclusive “season’s greetings” announcement, which annoyed all the traditionalists, and president-elect Donald Trump defiantly “tweeted” a “Merry Christmas” that made no mention of the holidays that other faiths celebrate during the season, which annoyed all the more up-to-date multi-cultularists, but we’ll pay no mind to any of it. We’ll simply offer our most heartfelt Hanukah wishes to all of our Jewish friends, our hope for a peaceful Ramadan to every Muslim with peace in his heart, share with our pagan friends a gladness that the winter solstice has passed and the days will now start getting longer, try to be understanding of anyone who still mark Kwanzaa, although none of our black friends ever have, and as always we will continue to wish a merry Christmas to all of our fellow Christians.
What with all the gift-buying and bill-paying and bone-chilling temperatures that attend this time year, it seems foolish to complicate it any further with politics or up-to-date theories of social justice. Let Starbucks sell its overpriced coffee in any sort of cup it wants and the local Christian shop decorate as it wishes, let Obama be all-inclusive and Trump be specific, and let the overpaid guys on Madison Avenue and the overworked clerk at the local convenience store offer whatever positive sentiments they might be comfortable with. We’re happy with any kind thoughts these days, even if we are mostly glad it’s almost Christmas.

— Bud Norman

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