The Likely Denouement of a Crazy Election Year

At some point today the Electoral College will convene, and at this point in this crazy election year we’d be willing to a bet a beer that that they’ll they pick Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.
Usually there wouldn’t be any uncertainty about it, but in this crazy year there is still that one-in-a-gazillion chance it might be someone else. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did win the poplar vote by 2.8 millions votes or so, and there are Central Intelligence Agency reports suggesting the Russkies might have had something to do with the more important Electoral College outcome, and there’s suddenly unprecedented pressure on the duly-elected electors to choose somebody other than Trump. Even in such a crazy election year as this it seems highly unlikely to pick someone as awful as Clinton, though, so even if the Electoral College somehow denied a majority of its votes to such an awful candidate as Trump the crazy election year would wind up in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, where they they would almost pick Trump over such an awful candidate as Clinton, so the chances of any other conclusion seem unhappily remote.
We’d be willing to bet that at least one or two Trump’s pledged electors will defy their pledge, but that will only knock one or two votes off that electoral landslide he’s been falsely boasting about, and won’t keep him from taking the oath of office on Jan. 20. He’ll no doubt be boasting at that time, too, and at least it will mean that awful Clinton woman isn’t being inaugurated.
Other than that we can’t say we’re looking forward to the inauguration, but we’ll try to have a merry Christmas nonetheless.

— Bud Norman

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