Another Week in a Dismal Race

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has had a couple of awkward moments lately, with several widely disseminated photographs showing her needing assistance to climb the steps of the White House and several others showing the father of a mass-murdering Islamist terrorist sitting just behind her in a prime seat and cheering heartily at one of her rallies. The former revived reasonable suspicions about Clinton’s physical fitness to assume the office, and in an eerily literal way at that, and at best the latter called into question the ability of her famously well-staffed campaign organization to stage an effective photo-op and at worst recalled her past insane statements about Islam having nothing to do with Islamist terrorism.
Any old Republican nominee should have had a good start to the week, but in this crazy election year the nominee isn’t just any old Republican but rather Donald J. Trump.
In his long and varied private sector career Trump has always had an undeniable knack for generating more headlines than any old Republican presidential nominee, or even any Republican president for that matter, and he’s never much cared if it was good press or bad press so long as they spelled his name correctly, so it’s no surprise that he somehow managed to overshadow his opponent’s photographically documented missteps by telling a North Carolina rally that “If she gets to pick her judges there’s nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.” This impromptu aside was enough to generate such widely disseminated headlines as “Trump appears to encourage gun owners to take action if Clinton appoints anti-gun judges,” and for the oh-so-respectable press to fret that he “appeared to raise the possibility that gun rights supporters could take matters into their own hands if Hillary Clinton is elected president and appoints judges who favor stricter gun controls,” and it put Trump’s apologists in the awkward position of talking about how he actually meant to the “unification” of the gun-owning population that would thwart a Clinton presidency Trump seemed to be talking about and how in any case he was just joking.
Our abhorrence of both these awful candidates, as well as our disdain for the respectable press that is covering their awful campaigns, allows us an easy objectivity on the matter. From our appalled perspective we can see how the Republican nominee really was talking some peaceable uprising or merely joking about knocking off a president or her judicial nominees, and we can also allow that maybe the Republican nominee of this crazy election year really was sanguinely contemplating some armed uprising against a possible Clinton administration. Something deep in our Republican souls also has to concede that this crazy election year’s nominee makes it hard to say for sure what the hell he meant to say.
Way back when Trump started knocking off the far more qualified field of Republican candidates his fans were enthused by his willingness to say whatever grammatically incoherent thought popped into his mind, which seemed such a welcome change from the poll-tested and focus-grouped responses of past Republican nominees, but even at the time we wondered if that tendency was really what we wanted in a president. We share Shakespeare’s opinion that one should “Give thy thoughts no tongue, nor any unproportioned thought his act. Be though familiar, but by no means vulgar,” and we wish that any old Republican nominee would be as well-read and hipped-up. As awful as that Clinton woman is we have to concede that this crazy election year’s Republican nominee’s un-parseable word salad does allow for any number of readings, including the only slightly reassuring possibility that he was merely joking about someone offing a president or her judicial nominees, and that in any case it undeniably and unnecessarily does distract attention from the awful week that awful woman has been having.

— Bud Norman

One response

  1. The press is at it again, doing a really good job as Master Hypnotist. Now they’re telling us that Trump is urging an armed rebellion against Democrats. It should be noted that Bernie Sanders actually ran on the “revolution” platform which, as a socialist with fondness for the Soviet Union, is a great deal more credible a call for violence than Trump’s remarks about the Second amendment and it’s purposes. And then of course who can forget the Sanders acolytes who violently attacked Trump supporters. However Sanders, who inhabits the same sector of the ideological spectrum as the press, was never portrayed as actually advocating the thing that he was actually advocating.

    Which leads me to repeat myself from the other day about the integrity of the press.

    Media 2016: “Trump is insane”
    Media 2016: “Men who mutilate their genitals, wear wigs & dresses & want to have babies are courageous voices of reason.”

    I was thinking some historical thoughts that begin with the title of the Phyllis Schlafly book “A Choice, Not an Echo” written about the Goldwater movement and the Republican Party’s efforts to get away from the dominance of the “Eastern Establishment” who were perfectly fine with the New Deal Democrats and were ideological cross-dressers who offered voters an echo of those policies.

    We have come to another time in history where the Republican Establishment is really OK with Democrat policies. In fact, many think that Hillary would be a great improvement over Obama since she, as a lifelong political operative, has a lot at stake in keeping things status quo. After all, if you give $250,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs, how radical can you be? She’s viewed by the men behind the curtain as an “honest politician” defined as one who stays bought.

    Sure, she’s as crooked as the hind leg of a dog. Sure she’s old, sick and on drugs. Sure she’s shown herself to be incompetent in whatever job she ever held with the exception of defending her rapist husband/political partner. But she’s not going to change the benefits of working in Washington and that’s what really matters.

    Trump is the radical here, it’s true. They’re not afraid that Trump would push the nuclear button (although that’s how he’s being portrayed to the public) but that he’ll upset the cozy arrangement in Washington.

    We’ll see if the lies and deception work as well against Trump as they did against Goldwater. This time may be different. There is not a martyred President in the recent past. This time the people in flyover country are really hurting. This time the Republican isn’t trailing by 30 points in the polls. But the forces that arrayed themselves against Goldwater are the familiar ones: the Democrats, the press, the Republican Establishment and everyone who has benefited from the wealth sucked from the heartland to the Capitol.

    Three months, endless lies, and countless Muslim atrocities to go.

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