A Bad Weekend for American Race Relations

Five white police officers in Dallas died Friday from sniper fire during a “Black Lives Matter” protest on Friday night, several others were severely wounded, and over the weekend it became clear that America’s always contentious race relations are in an especially worrisome state.
The unforgivable evil in Dallas was precluded by a couple of fresh “viral” videos that undeniably documented the deaths of young black men at the hands of non-black police in questionable circumstances in Baton Rouge and a suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex, and was soon followed by riots and casuality-inflicting attacks on the police that occurred in both cities and other jurisdictions that seem to have no particular reason for it. That First Black President of the United States. whose election and re-election were supposed to have wrought a post-racial America, cut short a European visit to speak in Dallas, and he although was initially reluctant to ascribe any motive to a sniper whose Facebook pages clearly expressed an anti-white and anti-law enforcement psychosis, and was instead incline to blame the whole affair on the National Rifle Association, we still hold out some faint hope that he’ll at long last offer a message of post-racial healing.
Both of his would-be successors were conspicuously careful about their response. The presumptive Democratic nominee opened with a “tweet” appropriately mourning the loss of lives in Dallas, but was soon followed with the predictable Democratic remarks about “whiteness” and the rest of the Democratic Party line. The presumptive Republican nominee also “tweeted” about the unforgivable tragedy in Dallas and yet somehow upset some of his most fervent supporters by acknowledging he questionable deaths of the young black men in Baton Rouge and the Minneapolis-St. Paul suburbs that preceded it.
At this point we have no dog in this fight, and from our thus freed perspective it call seems an awful mess. So far as we can tell that that shooting of the young black man in Baton Rouge seems plausibly justified by the long criminal history of the decedent before the cell phones started recording, and despite our law-and-order inclinations we have to admit the video from the Minneapolis-St.-Paul suburbs looks very bad for the apparently Asian-American officer involved. In any case there’s no forgiving the evil that was visited on five white police officers on Friday, or the casualties that were inflicted on dozens of other police officers with very good reputations over the weekend. We can’t help noticing that all these misfortunes occurred in jurisdictions that have long been ruled Democratic civic governments, and educated by the Democratic-supported teachers unions, but at this point we in the seventh year of the First Black President’s’ administration we don’t see any path to a post-racial America.

— Bud Norman


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  1. It’s come to this. The races of all the participants have been identified by someone who will swear that he’s not a racist. Hoping for a post-racial America, the MSM figured a black man who made soothing noises would be a unifier. If he had white skin voters would have questioned his association with the Reverend Wright, but because his skin was black they looked away. If he had white skin the MSM would have questioned his association with the Bill Ayers, but because his skin was black they took his word that he was just a guy in the neighborhood. If he had white skin the MSM would have questioned his credentials to be President, but black skin and a good speech were all the credentials Obama needed. If he had white skin the MSM would have looked into his radical background in college, asked if he had mellowed and wondered about his grades, but because his skin was black his history didn’t matter. In fact, after the election Charlie Rose wondered what we knew about Obama. The answer: not much. After 7 ½ years as President the press is still wondering who this man really is.

    And today, the Virginia Pilot, owned by a white billionaire (you saw what I did there) is upset that video of a black man being killed by Norfolk Police officers is not being shown. Race riots are good for circulation and hatred against the police must be stoked by the press. More cops killed by black Lives Matter thugs are collateral damage.

    The truth is not really found in the videos. The Baton Rouge shooting is poor quality and does not show what the police struggling with the man saw. The Minneapolis video doesn’t show the shooting at all, it’s really a video statement by the girlfriend after the shooting. Keeping in mind that eye witnesses came forward with reports that Ferguson’s ”gentle giant” – Michael Brown – was shot in the back while his hands were raised by a rogue, racist cop, we have begun to cast a cynical eye on witnesses who have an ax to grind and a press that lives to stroke racial tension. A press whose go-to narrative is that America’s police are racist thugs just itching to kill the next black man that crosses their path. If that proves not to be that case the stories go in the Memory Hole and they go on to the next one.

    Bud, there is a path to a post-racial America. The path is walked by most Americans who live cheek by jowl with their neighbors of all colors. It’s a path that disdains the race baiters of all colors as vigorously as Americans disdained the KKK. It’s a path that the MSM does not wish to go down because they are in the business of selling blood in the streets. They may tut-tut about five cops killed in Dallas, but note how quickly the focus has switched from the dead cops to the live demonstrators because dead cops killed by Black Lives Matter demonstrators don’t advance the narrative that the nation hasn’t moved on from 1965. Plus we have a President who can’t seem to figure out what motivated the cop killer. Don’t for a moment think that people don’t see what’s what.

    The reality was evident from the beginning:

    “In 2009 and 2010, lawyers working at the United States Justice Department warned top Obama political appointees and other Justice Department officials about the dangerous threats of New Black Panthers to kill police officers and other whites. I was one of those lawyers who delivered those warnings.

    “Our warnings came in the context of the Voting Rights Act case I and other lawyers brought against the New Black Panthers on behalf of the United States in 2009, a case the Obama administration ultimately abandoned. Both top DOJ officials, including now Labor Secretary Tom Perez, as well as rank and file employees in the Civil Rights Division, were warned but did not take the New Black Panther threat seriously or otherwise considered the organization to be a laughable joke.

    “Allies in the media echoed the narrative that the defendants in the voter intimidation case were harmless clowns.

    “Among the information presented to top officials was a video produced by the New Black Panthers entitled “Training Day.” The video proposes killing police officers by ambush. . . .

    “Justice Department employees ridiculed the video and noted very few were in the video’s audience, apparently oblivious of the role and power of social media to reach people not sitting in an auditorium.

    My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing.

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