That Unsettling End of the Weimar Republic Feeling

For some time now we’ve been fretting that there’s a certain unsettling end-of-the-Weimar-Republic feel to America’s politics, and watching the gruesome video accounts of a recent bloody brawl between the far-right and the far-left on an ordinarily pastoral portion of Los Angeles’ public parks only heightens our anxiety.
So far as we can tell the far-left is more culpable for this most recent incident, as even such a genteel institution as The Los Angeles Times is obliged to report that even such a genteel institution as the Los Angeles Police Department admits that the far-right had gone through all the onerous chores of getting a permit and was peaceably assembling when the far-left showed up with large sticks of wood and sharp knives to commence the melee. Many of those originally peaceable far-right protestors were self-described Nazis, though, while many of the stick-and-knife-weilding far-left counter-protestors were self-described communists, so just like all those end-of-the-Weimar Republic brawls we would have preferred that some providential asteroid had brought some just retribution to the whole sorry lot of them. Providence always takes it own sweet time about these things, however, so this seems likely play out for at least another election cycle.

The cycle of violence has been going on for a while now, and although the left has always seemed more culpable there’s plenty of blame to go around. We recall the ’60s when the Weather Underground was a terrorist threat, and the ’70s when Woody Allen in “Annie Hall” was joking about how brickbats were a more effective response than op-eds to Nazi rallies, and of course how the current President of the United States was an unapologetic friend of the Weather Underground’s apologetic terrorist leaders, not to mention all those brutal assaults on everyday Americans who who showed up at the presumptive Republican presidential nominees rallies, and although that violence largely negated the story we’re obliged to admit that the presumptive Republican nominee truly did promise to pay the legal fees for anyone who roughed up the peaceful protestors at his rallies.

So far the presumptive Democratic nominee’s rallies have been free of violence, and there’s no evidence that she’s at all responsible for the violence that has plagued her presumptive Republican opponent’s rallies, and we hope this situation will somehow persist until Election Day. Still, there’s a certain end-of-the-Weimar-Republic feel to the whole thing, and we’re hoping that providence will prevent it.

— Bud Norman

2 responses

  1. The Republican Old Maids think that raising your voice is an incitement to violence. They believe that when a tug assaults you the manly thing to do is curl up in a ball and hope that they don’t do any permanent damage. You see, defending yourself means that you’re descending to their level. It means the thugs have won, and we can’t have that.

    Curiously enough, it’s the way a police state works. There are always more people than there are police and if the people resisted the police would be overwhelmed. But the people in a police state know that if they keep their heads down the clubs will fall on somebody else. C.S. Lewis wrote “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” The reason that he didn’t add a comment about Republican Old Maids is that he was British. Republicans are not a British party.

  2. This “cycle of violence” is, as the French say, a load of crap. When a woman has an abortion is it described as a “cycle of violence” because only one leaves alive? Or when a tourist is sucker punched in the knock-out-game on Baltimore city streets? Or when a woman fights back against a rapist?

    This isn’t End-of-Weimar with Nazis fighting the communist Spartacists when both were battling for control of the streets and the government and both sides were recruiting former soldiers. The goons swinging the bats, the mobs invading Trump rallies are the same fascists that Bud thinks can be thrown out in four years as long as Trump doesn’t get elected. These are the street thugs that are one of the political arms of the Democrat Party. They are Black Lives Matter cadres taking their street violence from Ferguson to a community near you. And the only thing that we hear from the Republican losers is “cycle of violence” and …. Crickets.

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