Why We’re Voting None of the Above

No, we most assuredly will not be voting for Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat in the upcoming election.
We are irrevocably and unapologetically on the increasingly risky public record ridiculing and resisting Clinton and trying to stir up all the proper public outrage that awful woman deserves, and have been since way back when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was bragging about his friendship with her and generously contributing to her campaigns and phony-baloney “family foundation” and inviting her to his latest wedding and telling his constant interviewers that she was a “terrific woman” who was doing a “great job” as Secretary of State. We have steadfastly stood in opposition to the bossy collectivist clap-trap of her increasingly crazy party since even further back when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was testifying before Congress about the “awful” economic policies of President Ronald Reagan, and assuring his constant interviewers that he sided with the Democrats on most issues, and come November we still won’t be voting even for that Democratic and liberal but otherwise good guy we’ve known since childhood who is now somehow our state House Representative.
For the first time ever we won’t be voting for the presumptive Republican nominee at the top of the ticket, though, and thus we stand accused of somehow siding with that awful Clinton woman and the rest of her nearly-as-awful party. The charge sometimes come from people we much respect, although most frequently from people we have no use for at all, but in either case we will freely acknowledge that any vote not cast for Clinton’s most likely challenger does indeed afford her some infinitesimal advantage. Any vote for her most likely challenger is a vote for presumptive Republican nominee and erstwhile Clinton pal Donald J. Trump, however, and we hope that our most respectable critics at least will respect our reasons for never casting such a vote.
There are the policy matters, of course, even if they have largely been ignored in the ten-month-long tumult regarding Trump’s latest “Tweet,” but at this point none really make the odious Clinton any more palatable than Trump. On healthcare the presumptive Republican nominee has spoken kindly of the Canadian and British single-payer and completely socialized systems, and promises that Trumpcare will be so much better than Obamacare because he’s a frequently bankrupt but otherwise successful businessman who always makes great deals, and the presumptive Democratic nominee at least gave us a decade or so of reprieve from government-run health care because of of her neophyte political ineptitude.
Alas, for the first time in our adult lives at this point we can’t believe the presumptive Republican nominee on anything at all, which is why we won’t be voting for him even if it gives some infinitesimal contribution to the election of such an admittedly equally awful person as his former wedding guest Hillary Clinton and benefactor, even at the risk of being accused of being “establishment.” Call us old-fashioned, which we relish at this point in the godawful modern age, but in something in our Republican-in-name-only-at-this-godforsaken-point souls finds that a self-described billionaire real-estate-and-gambling-and-strip-club-and-professional-wrestling-and-scam-university-and-reality-show mogul who trades in his wives every ten years for a newer model and mocks the handicapped and dodges the draft and denigrates the bravery of men who voluntarily served in the military and endure wartime captivity and regards women as “fat slobs” or “pieces of ass” and judges their human worth accordingly and accuses an already vanquished opponent’s father of being in on the Kennedy assassination on the basis of his buddy at the National Enquirer’s baseless accounts, or countless other outrages that we’ve taken time out from criticizing Clinton’s countless outrages to note, we simply cannot justify ever voting for such a man.

Nor does Trump much seem to want our vote. He spent Tuesday alleging the soon-to-be-vanquished-foe Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was in on the John F. Kennedy assassination, the sort of embarrassing crackpot theory you’d expect to find in The National Enquirer, which was the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s source for the story,and expressing his utter contempt for all

>We’ll give due respect to any voter who votes for Trump on the excuse that he’s only voting against Clinton, who we heartedly agreed is at least every bit at sleazy and probably even more wrong on any issue what that the presumptive Republican nominee says he’s against at the moment, but we’d remind him that he’s also voting for Donald J. Trump. He’s voting for a man with no fixed political principles or apparent moral compass, who has never once in his much-ballyhooed life ever demonstrated an iota of concern for anyone but himself, and mocked those who have made far greater sacrifices for their or had sacrifices imposed upon them by the luck of life, and gloated about all the married babes he’s bagged and the business associates he’s screwed over and the politicians he’s bought off, and boasts about his penis size to compensate for the stubby fingers he’s obviously been feeling inadequate about for the past many years, and we don’t care to make constant excuses for it the next four years or so, and the fact that his most likely opponent is at least just as godawful doesn’t change the fact that you voted for this utterly vile human being.
Maybe this is the world we inhabit, and unhappy choices have to be made, but we choose not to have any part of it. There are still some promising Republicans down-ticket, at least here in Kansas, where Trump got his lying and phony orange ass kicked, and Clinton lost to that self-described socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who at least believes his nose, and we’ll show up always to pick the best of the Republican crop, and we’ll hope for the best, and we damn sure won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton or any of those other Democrats, but we’ll take care not to vote for anybody just as awful.
There’s no telling how that might result in such an unpredictable year, and all sorts of well-respected Republicans are speculating on whether it’s best the inevitable disaster looming ahead be blamed on the Republicans who nominated Trump and somehow got him elected or on Clinton and such Republicans-in-name-only-all-of-a-sudden such who gave some infinitesimal advantage to that awful Clinton woman and allowed her surely disastrous range. In this crazy election year we dare not offer any prediction about how it might turn out, but in any case we want to at least content ourselves that we didn’t vote for any of it, no matter how that might have led to us voting for it.
In any case, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee doesn’t seem to care much what we think, which we’re sure is a large part of his appeal to all the Republican party’s Johhny-come-latelies who weren’t in. In his characteristically un-gracious victory speech upon coming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee he gloated about all the party regulars who had once dared to criticize him but now were eager to kiss his ring, and for once we have to agree with the contempt he expressed for such cowards. We’ll not be among them, and won’t give a damn if this earns his respect or a respite from lawsuits or Internal Revenue Service Audits or anything else might threaten for saying such mean and nasty things about him. He proudly boasts, as he always proudly boasts, that he can win without that significant portion of us who have always voted Republican but are no longer welcome in the party, so his so-loyal-he-could-shoot-someone supporters shouldn’t have much to worry about our one meager one vote, and can be assured that while we might waste it on some third party candidate that is committed to conservative principles and basic human decencies at least we won’t waste it on Hillary.

— Bud Norman

2 responses

  1. Well, I’m kind of resigned to sitting by and watching the world burn. In that spirit, interesting potential outcomes (because it’s all a reality TV show now, right?):

    * Hillary gets nominated and Trump picks Bernie for VP. I doubt Bernie would accept, but I’m almost certain they would win.
    * Trump wins and picks Hillary for Secretary of State (to get a “terrific woman” doing a “great job”). This would be incredibly ironic, and tragically poetic.
    * Hillary wins and gets the Democratic base as fed up with their party as the Republicans are. (I really do expect her to be mostly ineffective.) This would be my best possible outcome. Maybe we can do this again in four years with a conservative candidate.

  2. I guess we’re past Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ first stage of grief – denial – and moved on to stage two: anger. I understand your loss.

    The next stages are bargaining, depression and acceptance. Can we move on past the name-calling and move on to discuss the issues that are raised by Trump’s opponents?

    Health care, for example.

    Does anyone who wants to survive the coming election actually think that the way to win is to promise to take away people’s health care? Does anyone who cares for their fellow citizens think that’s the right thing to do? Keep in mind that “red-in-tooth-and-claw” is a metaphor, and should not be a prescription for life as nasty, brutish and short.

    The argument about “single-payer” is a red herring. It’s a way to call people names and now ranks up there on the conservative side in the same category as calling people a “commie,” reporter,” or “college professor.”

    Let’s talk about things that really matter. Can we agree that anyone who really needs medical care should get it? Insurance has been the way we have taken care of catastrophically costly treatment. The problem with Obamacare is that it takes the worst parts of medical insurance and government control and melds them into a monster that actually makes paying for medical care for most people more expensive. There is surely a better way of paying for care that’s affordable and outside of government control without telling the poor or the indigent to suck it up and die.

    We actually had such a system that worked for 95% of the people before Obamacare. It’s not going to be that tough to come up with policies that will allow America to be the country that leads the world in the quality and quantity of care for the sick.

    And, Bud, you may want to watch the interview that Trump had with Bret Baier Thursday night.

    In it you’ll fund that despite the accusation that Trump is running to be America’s dictator, he’s fully on-board with the fact that congress is a co-equal branch of government and his policy preferences are going to be negotiated with the Senate and House of Representatives.

    He disclaims the desire to follow in Obama’s footsteps and rule by executive order and decree. Of course it’s been nearly 8 years since anything was negotiated in Washington rather than being rammed down the throats of the American people, so I can understand that you may have forgotten how these things are supposed to work.

    Of course that assumes Trump wins. Hillary, on the other hand has promised to go Obama one better in the executive order and decree department. So as you vote your third party loser or withhold your vote entirely, I’ll try to keep you from the fate that you are racing to embrace.

    Oh, and Bud, the next stage is bargaining and I’ll tell you that there really is nothing more you could have done. You performed heroically and wrote compellingly and entertainingly. But the last eight years have led to this moment. The revolution is here, and it’s being televised. And the members of the Ancien régime are being replaced because they have not been up to the task. Which is too bad because many of them have spent a lifetime climbing the ladder and now the ladder is being pulled away from them.

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