Happy New Year, or at Least a Survivable One

We spent the last hours of 2015 in the company of dear old friends, we’ll start 2016 off by having a lavish lunch with our beloved folks, and the rest of the long weekend will be devoted to resting up for what’s sure to come.
All those dear old friends agreed that it’s going to be a rough ride through the next twelve months, what with President Obama unleashed for God only knows what executive actions and pardons and calls to mass rioting he might issue, and all of the country’s enemies figuring they’ve got a short time left for anything they might want to do that would ordinarily entail American-imposed consequences, and the sputtering economy being weaned off endless money-printing and zero percent interest rates, and the general cultural decline into craziness unlikely to end. Our folks probably won’t have anything cheerier to add, although they’ll be encouraging, and in any case it wouldn’t do to sit at home reading the news.
Family and friends and long weekends have a heartening effect, though, and we’ll try to start Monday with some renewed determination. We suggest you do the same, and to that end we wish you all a Happy New Year full of family and friends and all the other blessings that the news can’t change.

— Bud Norman


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