Meanwhile, Back at the Asylum

Sometimes we get the unsettling feeling that our government doesn’t take the threat of Islamic terrorism quite seriously enough. The most recent time was when we read about the 1,519 foreigners who have been granted asylum in the United States despite their known ties to terrorist groups.
The report was in the internet publication The Daily Caller, which can easily be dismissed as one of those crazy right-wing sites, and its source was the activist group Judicial Watch, which suffers a similarly conservative notoriety, but they were simply publishing a copy of a report to Congress prepared by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, whose reputation is quite unsullied by any taint of conservatism. We’re therefore inclined to believe that are indeed 1,519 people with known ties to anti-American terror organizations enjoying refuge in the United States, especially because the government seems so very proud about it.
Although the USCIS concedes that the 1,519 asylum seekers all provided some sort of support to terrorist groups, with 627 providing the more ominous-sounding “material support” to undesignated terrorist groups and another 198 providing “material support” to the more ominous-sounding designated terrorist groups, they insist these asylum-seekers did so only “under duress.” This is plausible, we suppose, given how much duress there is in the Middle Eastern countries from whence these 1,519 individuals came, but given that there are 1,519 of them we can’t help wondering how sure the government is that they all were unwitting accomplices. We also wonder if they won’t come under similar duress here, given that homegrown terror networks tend to be even more duress-ing than that federal government wants to be.
These concerns are not addressed in the USCIS report to Congress, but even the bureaucratese of document they are clearly proud of their willingness to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who has has provided “material support” to even designated terror groups but has a story about under duress. At least it’s only 1,519 of them, and not the hundreds of thousands of suspiciously young and male and abled bodied and non-Syrian “refugees” who are flooding into Europe, while our own government is hoping to give at least 10,000 of the same benefit of the doubt, but it’s still another one of those frequent times when we worry that the threat of Islamic terrorism isn’t be taken quietly seriously enough.

— Bud Norman


One response

  1. Are you quite sure that the terrorist connection to people brought into the country is not a bug but a feature? When all the “errors” that the government makes somehow end up aiding America’s enemies, is it all coincidence? When Team Obama spends hundreds of millions to train the Syrian opposition and ends up with an army of 5, and those five give their weapons to ISIS does it look like a mistake or a plan? Like “losing track” of a few thousand weapons destined for Mexican drug cartels is just en oopsie? At some point even the most gullible among us begin to ask whose side this administration is on.

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