Stormy Monday, and Tuesday’s Just as Bad

Please forgive us if we’re not at the cutting edge of conservative commentary today, as we reportedly were yesterday when no less a personage than Rush Limbaugh took up our already-published rant about the Obama administration’s war on the suburbs, but Monday was one of those Mondays we all encounter from time to time.
The first part of the day was devoted to some freelance copy-editing work we’ve lately picked up, which got us out of bed far too early but at least introduced us to the charming Japanese woman who translated the confounding Japanese copy that so confounded us, and after we worked out that problem the rest of the afternoon and early evening was devoted to a confounding and expensive problem with our e-mails that were futilely sent correcting the confusing copy. Some tech support fellow with reassuringly foreign accent spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening getting our corrected copy sent through e-mail, which had a inexplicable and stubborn resistance to our usually reliable password,but as of now everything seems jake about our relationship with the almighty internet. Around the same time we got a call from our good ol’ kid brother in California, of all places, who wanted to let us know that Rush Limbaugh had been railing about the same thing we’d been earlier railing about, and how his lawyer business is going well, and some gloating about his University of Kansas’ Jayhawks’ basketball team and its recent impressive performance in an international competition, and we were tempted to engage in and argument that the Wichita State University’s Wheatshockers would once again be the superior squad, but by then we were already missing the first innings of the Wichita Wingnuts’ baseball competition against the Kansas City Wingnuts’ over at the nearby Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, and on a night when the local Kwik=Shop convenience store chain provided tickets at the low, low price of a dollar, so we hung up and headed over to the riverside to watch the game.
The Wingnuts were already down a couple of runs when we joined a couple of cigar-chomping old pals in the smoking section, which wasn’t suffering from its usual evening glare because of a monstrous thunderstorm cloud hovering just to the west of us, which is usually the worst place for a Kansas thunderstorm to be hovering, but in any case the Wingnuts wound up losing by three runs and falling father back in the double-A American Association division, although we’re pleased to report that the late-inning conversation with our cigar-chomping friends recalled such great guitar–players as Dick Dale and Link Wray and James Burton and Pops Staples, and some coarse old Hellen Keller jokes.
In between we’ve tried to keep up with the news, but it’s all been a blur. It looks like we’ll sign on to an agreement that the mad mullahs of Iran have a nuclear weapon that we’ll subsidize, the City of Chicago won’t be able to pay its debts, that Greece’s far greater debts will also be somehow forgiven,and the formerly dominant Wingnuts are now trailing in their American Association division.Those westward clouds might yet spill some cooling rain on our hometown, though, and the interest issues seem to be resolved, and there’s always hope that the Iranians will walk away from even the most favorable deal that the west might offer, and fall is a long time away. We noted that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has entered the presidential race, and we love that guy, and that for now the final death throes of Greece and Chicago and the remote possibility of a non-socialist president and the Wingnuts being within striking distance and the Yankees having a 3.5 game lead in the American League East suggests there’e still hope for western civilization.
They call it Stormy Monday, according to an old song, but Tuesday’s just as bsd. We surely hope not, and will be back on Wednesday with what he hope will be a more optimistic report.

— Bud Norman


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