The News of the Day, For All It’s Worth

Well, let’s see, what else is there in the news these day? During the past few days of sunny weather there’s been a sudden spate of incongruously bad personal news, some of which of which has spilled onto to the local news and none of which should be of concern for the most of you, so we thought we’d find something amusing or at least diverting in the broader news sources we regularly devour.
The big headline at the usually reliable Drudge Report is about a deadly strain of tuberculosis that has recently arrived in the country, but that’s neither amusing nor particularly scary. We’ve survived too many swine flus and bird flus and pig flus and other zoological epidemics to worry about any disease du jour, and at the moment we’re preoccupied with more likely possibilities. The usually reliable Matt Drudge also has links to the Disney Corporation’s most profitable year ever, a horrific gang rape by some illegal immigrants, a supercell tornado in nearby Colorado, and the Dow Jones Industrial Averages’s in -the-red-for-the-year performance, but none of it does the trick.
There’s plenty of other stuff  to fuel our usual witty outraged rants, and you really should be paying attention to all of it, and we urge you to dip into all of it, but there’s an early morning visit to a hospital visit to be paid  and a memorial service to be attended, and we’ll have to promise to get to back to the rest of it with our usual puck very soon.

— Bud Norman


One response

  1. I hope you don’t feel that you owe regular posts to a bunch of faceless strangers.

    If you want a diversion, the racial mess involving police has popped up at a McKinney pool party, near Dallas. Seems society can’t handle being so interconnected, and what should be a local issue is blown out of proportion and spread to other areas. And with all of the conflicting accounts, I can’t feel confident in any of them. We need body cameras, please!

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