Nothing Today

Christmas has passed, but the lights on our block will stay up into the New Year and a sort of holiday atmosphere will prevail through the last of the college football games, so we see no reason to concern ourselves with the latest events until then. After New Year’s it’s just a long, hard slog through the snow and the cold and the imperceptibly diminishing darkness toward spring, or “tornado season” as we call it around here, so there will be plenty of time and an appropriately gloomy atmosphere to consider the state of the world.
There are still the final fiddlings to be added to a novel soon to be e-pulished, too, and the house is still rather messy. A few old friends we can think of really should be contacted, as well, and with so much to do we can’t be expected to provide our usual profundities. We can only wish you a lingering holiday spirit, and thank you for your loyal readership, and hope that will suffice.

— Bud Norman

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