Knocked Out on Boxing Day

These mid-week holidays are quite discombobulating for creatures of habit such as ourselves. Much of yesterday was spent confirming the day of the week, as it didn’t feel t all like a Thursday, what with the light traffic on the streets and all the college football on the television, and the rest of it was spent putting off the resulting chore of taking the trash out to the curb.
Our daily routine is largely devoted to keeping abreast of the day’s news, and that has also been thrown askew by the holidays. Most of the newsmakers have taken the week off, as have the news commentators we count on to get us good and peeved about the news, and there seems to be little going on in the world other than the post-Christmas sales and the usual frantic efforts to exchange unwanted gifts. The president took time out from his lavish Hawaii vacation to sign that awful budget bill, the stock markets were open for another day of irrational exuberance, and The Drudge Report had a full slate of stories about people acting badly, but there was nothing that provided a satisfying fix for a hard-core news junkie.
More ambitious writers would seize the opportunity for a big-picture essay, or pen something philosophical or folksy, but we just can’t muster the energy on the day after Christmas. The lazy writer’s time-honored options are the end-of-the-year wrap-up or a purely subjective best-of list or some predictions for the coming year that are meant to be forgotten before they are disproved, but we’re saving all of those for the holiday-interrupted week ahead. Something else might come up, but we get the feeling that all the newsmakers aren’t any more ambitious than we are at the moment.
So, let us be the very first to wish you a merry Christmas, and urge that you also take it easy enough to let the holiday spirit linger into the New Year.

— Bud Norman


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