What Not to Talk About

We’ve donned our flannel long johns and brewed a cup of hot chocolate, much like that creepily androgynous “pajama boy” in the Obamacare advertisements, but we will not spend Christmas Eve talking about health care.
The First Lady of the United States of America has urged us to talk about the health care reform law during the holidays, but we are resolved to ignore her admonition just as we have ignored her dietary advice. Unless the National Security Agency rats us out she won’t even know what we’ve been saying during her latest Hawaiian vacation, and in any case she probably wouldn’t care to hear what we think of her husband’s stupid law.
Some egg nog-fueled discussions about Obamacare around the nation’s fireplaces would probably drive the stupid law’s approval ratings down further still, but even so we recommend other topics of conversation at your gatherings of family and friends. Let the old folks go on about their ailments, let the young folks go on about the latest pop hits or dance crazes or whatever it is that young people go on about these days, and let the rest of them talk sports. This is that magical time of year when college basketball and bowl season overlap, after all, and it shouldn’t be wasted on something so dreary as politics.
Prior to brewing that hot chocolate we had attended a Christmas party where most of the guests were from the local artistic, journalistic, and assorted hipster circles, and we are pleased to report that no one brought up health care. Except for one pony-tailed but right-wing friend’s conversation about Islam with an all-too-tolerant Mennonite woman we didn’t hear anything remotely political, and it made for a most pleasant evening. The First Lady might not have approved, but we think she would be well-advised to avoid the topic of Obamacare herself.

— Bud Norman


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