No News Today

There was no news on Sunday, so far we can as tell, and it was good to have a day off from the stuff.

The world keeps right on churning out news, we suppose, but this time of year it is more easily ignored. Obamacare is a continuing disaster, millions of Americans remain out of work despite all the happy talk about the economy, Iran is happily for proceeding with it apocalyptic plans, and that “Duck Dynasty” guy is still on suspension from his reality show, yet it all seems so easily put off until the next year. All of the politicians are on vacation, as are the mass media muckrakers, and there are all the chores that must attended to before everything shuts down for Christmas.

Here in our humble prairie hometown it was a good day for doing even less. Bitter cold and just enough snow to justify staying off the roads kept most sane folk indoors, where they could sit by the radio and hear a play-by-play account of the Wichita State University Wheatshockers basketball squad run their record to 12-and-0, which is some consolation for all the aforementioned bad news. The weather also provides a welcome break from all the global warming doomsaying, which seems to have gone into hibernation for the weather, although we’re sure the Envivornmental Protection Agency will be back on the job of solving this non-existent problem ust as the soon as the holidays are over.

Something might come up in the next few days, most likely from one of those heathen countries that care little for the Christmas spirit, but in the meantime we’re hating the cold and enjoying a respite from news. Here’s hoping you will, as well.

— Bud Norman


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