When Honesty Isn’t the Best Policy

There are urgent moral arguments against lying, such as the risk of imperiling your immortal soul to eternal damnation, but a more persuasive reason not to lie is that you end up looking ridiculous when you are inevitably caught. This is true even for such a practiced and usually effective liar as President Barack Obama, whose ridiculous lies on behalf of his namesake Obamacare have lately forced him to tell even more ridiculous lies.
By now it has been widely noted that Obama and his hired spokespeople repeatedly assured the public that “If you like your health insurance you can keep it” under the Obamacare law, in order to get it passed by a narrow and entirely Democratic margin despite widespread public opposition, and by now it is also indisputably clear to the millions of people who have lost or are going to lose the health insurance they liked as a result of the law that the presidential assurance was not at all true. Obama originally responded to this embarrassing revelation by insisting that his claims were true, the evidence of all those cancellation letters notwithstanding, but that provoked such ridicule that he has since been reduced to insisting that he never made such ridiculous claims at all.
What Obama really said, he now insists, is that you can keep the health insurance you have and like “if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.” He’s also insisting you didn’t really like that cancelled plan, or at least you wouldn’t have if you’d had the superior insight into your personal health insurance needs that the all-knowing government has, so you should actually be grateful to him for forcing you to pay more of your evermore-hard-earned money for coverage you won’t ever need.
Obama has achieved a remarkably successful career in politics by spewing such obvious nonsense, and is therefore understandably confident that he can get away with it once again, but these lies will prove especially difficult to defend. Obama’s lies about such matters as the Fast and Furious gun-peddling operation and the investments in the soon-to-be-bankrupt Solyndra boondoggle being Bush-era initiatives, and the overly optimistic promises about the stimulative effects of his “stimulus” spending, and dubious-from-the-start and ultimately disproved claims that the deaths of four Americans in Behnghazi were a spontaneous response to a little-seen YouTube video rather that one of those planned terrorist attacks that his brilliant foreign policy had forever eliminated, were all happily corroborated by a loyal press and widely believed by a public that had no tangible reason to doubt the official storyline. This time there are too many people holding cancellation letters from their insurance companies to refute the official storyline, and even such loyal mass media as the over-the-air broadcast networks are unwilling to sacrifice what’s left of their credibility by saying otherwise.
The claim that you’re too stupid to know what kind of insurance you need, and t that the tee totaling post-menopausal couple of long-married folks should be grateful that they’re now compelled to pay for maternity and substance-abuse rehabilitation coverage, or the lucky-to-be-employed twenty-something should be altruistic enough to cough up a few hundreds bucks a month more to subsidize some old fogy he never met, will require more chutzpah than even Obama and his media acolytes can muster.
The task of putting over the lies is so daunting that the president and his advisors might even be contemplating that they had told truth, that Obamacare is a massive transfer of wealth from former Obama supporters to a few who will be forever grateful, but it seems Obama figured that wouldn’t have been a successful sales pitch. He doesn’t have one now, but at this point Obamacare is the law of the land and it’s just a matter of putting up a good front.

— Bud Norman


One response

  1. Bud, it’s the “law” not the “lawn” of the land. But as Obama said before his re-election, this is his last election so – to him – it doesn’t matter. But I hope that his efforts have wrecked the Democrats. ObamaCare is like one of those slow-motion wrecks you see when they test cars. We have just seen the first impact with the barrier. Wait for the rest of the movie. By the way, this mess cannot simply be reversed. The status quo ante is wrecked.

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