Let There Be (Incandescent) Light

Oh, how we hate those newfangled curly light bulbs.

We were reminded of this seething hatred by a recent news report about the 1,200-page omnibus spending bill currently passing through the congressional excretory system, which apparently contains a provision prohibiting any money being spent to enforce a 2007 law which will eventually ban incandescent light bulbs. While not an outright repeal of the ban, which would be ideal, it is a temporary reprieve and a heartening development.

Although we’re not so very Luddite that we’re typing these words on our old Smith-Corona typewriter, which is kept in safe storage in case the Democrats take control of the internet, we are skeptical enough of modern technology to have noticed that the latest innovation isn’t necessarily a better one. Those newfangled curly light bulbs, which we hate, are perhaps the definitive example of this observation.

We hate that they’re expensive. We hate that the longer life that is supposed to make them less expensive is often overstated. We hate that you can’t just throw them away when they burn out. We hate that you have to don a haz-mat suit and call in the clean-up crew from Fukushima whenever they break. We hate the sickly yellow glow they cast when first turned on.

Most of all, we hate that an unholy alliance of Big Business, Big Government and Big Environmentalism is forcing these hated light bulbs on the public by banning the good old incandescent bulb that has lit American homes with nary a complaint for the past 131 years. Those who prefer the newfangled curly light bulbs should be allowed to use them, of course, and we will tolerate that choice with the same clenched-teeth forbearance we afford to fans of Lady Gaga’s music or Jim Carrey’s movies, but there is no reason they should be able to impose their peculiar preferences on others.

— Bud Norman

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